Prayer Requests

Please be praying for Hovis Imade, who will be having surgery on Thursday, the 8th.
Pray for the pain to stop through out his body and that the surgery will go well. 12/6


Please continue to pray for the spiritual, physical and emotional strength for Natalie Seybold and her family; please pray for definitive answers and correct treatments.  12/6


Please pray for Irina Vasileva who was admitted to the hospital, due to the side effects of her cancer chemotherapy. Please pray urgently for her relief as well as a way forward as they are fighting such a serious illness and yet also fighting the effects of the treatment. 11/23


Please pray for Sally Grigg and family on the passing of her sister-in-law, Tana Novak, due to complications from covid and leukemia, after being in the hospital. Also pray for comfort for Tana's husband, Scott Novak (Sally's brother) and her two children. 11/22


Please pray for Hilary Kunes' father John Bendele to have a speedy recovery after Melanoma surgery. He also recently had radiation treatment for melanoma of the eye. 11/21

Please pray for Megan Neuhaus’ healing and recovery, especially as her and Daniel undergo a particularly stressful time with unexpected medical circumstances. Also, for Megan’s parents to seek God.


Please pray for Dave, Laurel Cummings, and family; Dave's father passed in February, and brother and wife, Mark and Karen Cummings, were tragically killed in a car accident in July. Pray for Dave who is having a hard year and needs a lot of comfort in his sorrow.

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