Prayer Requests

Please pray for Lisa Maines and family on the passing of her aunt, Linda Freeman.


Please pray for the Buchanans in the loss of their baby son Michael Omari. 


Please pray for Lyla, Jon and Leah Hare's daughter who was born with spina bifida.


Please pray for Jerel Gigliotti's brother, Jim, who is scheduled for surgery as a result of a brain tumor.

Please pray for Carol Berry's father who is battling cancer.


Please pray for Laura Gant and family on the passing of her mother, Hedy Jansen. Funeral arrangements for family and close friends @ 7226 Lafayette Avenue, Deer Park, Oh 45236 on Sunday May 29th 3-6pm.


Pray for John Quigley's stepfather, Micael Piccirelli, who had a stroke and is in ICU.

Please pray for Brenda Thomas and family on the passing of her brother.


Pray for Randy McKinney's brother, Eugene Hardy, who is in hospice care. 


Please pray for those in Ukraine and their safety during these detrimental times. To donate to the Ukraine relief click HERE


Continue to pray for all our brothers and sister dealing with Covid and that the Covid numbers will continue to decline.


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Everyone needs prayer, let us pray for you.