Connect with Married Groups in your Community

Your family is something you have to protect against the many things that will attempt to destroy it. We believe God has called the Church to partner with families to help them be strong and centered in Christ.

Marrieds Ministry

Building a strong foundation in Christ.

The Kirklins oversee the married ministry, which includes around seventeen small groups all around the greater Cincinnati area and makes up nearly half of the membership of the Cincinnati church! Many have been faithful, committed disciples for decades, and the result of their love for God is evident in their children. The married ministry is seeing a strong resurgence of faith and courage as we reach out to our friends and neighbors.

Connect with a Small Group

Life Groups are the core of our experience. They meet all over The Greater Cincinnati area with other families who are striving to imitate Christ. Small group leaders are committed to being spiritual leaders and helping grow meaningful relationships.

Are you interested in being a part of a small group? Contact the small group leader below!

Adulting isn't easy. We want to help!

Kids Kingdom

We know parenting can be difficult, especially in these times. Connect with amazing parents who can provide guidance through God's word.

We also offer Sunday school classes while service is happening in order to give you the peace of mind during the sermon. Contact us today for more information.

Mental Health

While the church is all about spiritual health, we know that mental health and well-being is an important aspect of life. We have amazing members specializing in counseling and have support groups for those in need, mental health wise. Let us know how we can help.

Parenting Classes

Join our young families for parenting classes that take place once a month and include brunch, babysitting, a five minute lesson for kids and teaching/discussion for parents. For more information contact us.