Midweek: Congregational Midweek - break out classes (see below for details)

  • This Wednesday we are starting our new all church midweek classes. We will have all church midweeks the first 3 Wednesday nights at 7:00pm for April and May. During these all-church midweeks, we will be offering 4 different classes. We will be sending out the titles for the 6 classes in each topic listed on Monday, so you can look through and pray which class that you can benefit from the most.
    • a) Holy Spirit.
    • b) How to Better Read Your Bible.
    • c) Spiritual Marriages
    • d) New Christian class (anyone baptized, restored, or moved into the church during the last 3 years).
  • Dr. Jennifer Konzen will be in Cincinnati April 9-14 to teach about coping with mental health challenges, trauma, marriage and sexuality. All class descriptions and class schedules are HERE and on Midwest Compassion website. Please check the list for the classes that best suited for your needs.
  • Teen camp (8th-12th grade) will be July 21-27 in Philadelphia, and Youth camp (3rd-7th) with be June 30th-July 4th in St. Mary’s, OH. You can register for camp HERE **You only need to put down a $50 deposit right now to register. Discount code: OVR2024**
  • The Diversity Team is looking for those who want to serve on the team! See a diversity team member for more information.
  • There will be a Star Wars themed Father/Daughter Event called "Let the Fourth Be with You," on May 4th from 6-8p at the church building. It will be a fun evening of games, an ice cream bar, and dancing. Register HERE; see Arlee for questions.
  • Save the date: There will be an ACR Conference Sept. 20-22 in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Save the date: The annual Hope Golf Tournament will be Saturday August 31st, at Sharon Woods Golf Course.
  • Prayer request are HERE