Candidates for the 2024 CCoC Board of Trustees Election 

The following five members will be on the 2024 ballot to serve in the two open seats on the board of trustees: 

  1. Jazmyne Barney 
  2. Jan Davis 
  3. Donna Johnson 
  4. William Montgomery 
  5. Taylor Suggs 

The election for these seats will open at the annual meeting on Wednesday January 31, 2024 and remain open for a few days to allow all members of the church an opportunity to cast a vote. 


Please review the bios of each candidate below: 

Jazmyne Barney

I was born in Cleveland and spent my coming-of-age years in the Cincinnati area where I attended Hamilton High School. I received a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati in 2014. I was baptized at the CCOC a week after my then boyfriend (now husband) Brian 9.5 years ago in June 2014. I then co – lead a campus bible talk with Brian while working full time. This began the journey of being tentmakers in the church. In July 2015 we moved to Lexington, KY where I attended the University of Kentucky to work on my Ph.D. in Toxicology and Cancer Biology. Brian and I were married in May 2016. We then partnered with 2 other young married couples in Lexington and co – created one of the first Young Professionals ministries in the ACR in June 2016 and led a family group that consisted of singles and young marrieds while in graduate school. We were then asked to lead the Young Professionals in the summer of 2018 and oversaw this ministry until we moved back to Cincinnati in Nov 2019. Once back, we were honored to serve as zone leaders in the Young Professionals ministry for the Young Marrieds and Young Families small groups for about a year. In that time, God showed us that the needs of the Young Families were growing and we partnered with 3 other couples to create the now Young Families ministry. 

A part of my current role at P&G is to anticipate and interpret local, state, federal and global laws and create processes and programs to enable compliance. This includes reading, understanding, and interpreting government documents and identifying and mitigating risk for the organization. I also lead multiple cross functional teams that execute this work. This includes creating overall strategy and objectives for these teams, aligning risk mitigation and action plans with senior leadership as high as the Senior Vice President, empowering and enabling the members on my team to effectively deliver their work, and managing personnel issues.

I have learned so much in all these roles that God has blessed me with from church to work to being a wife and mom. I have a passion for both people and policies. If elected to the board, I believe I can bring a unique perspective and expertise to enable the board to continue to empower the church and effectively run a thriving and sustainable organization under the authority of God.

Jan Davis

I became a Christian fresh out of graduating from BGSU in 1984. People like Cheryl and Amit Gosh, Pat and Roger Pollock, Terry Carson, and Steve Berry loved me and taught me so much. I served in “Happy Church” wherever we were meeting at the time. Made a boat load of Communion bread and babysat for anyone who asked.  I loved being in the Singles Ministry. 

Fast forward to 1987 when I had an opportunity to be promoted and move to North Carolina. Back and forth I went trying to decide what to do, until I had a great talk with Judy Oakman.  She told me that moving would force me to “grow up”, and she was right.  Though my health was bad for the two years I lived in the Triangle, I loved it there and was all in when my mom became ill, and I was needed back here. 

In 2002 I took foster parenting classes and welcomed a toddler and a new born within 4 months. Yeah, I’m crazy like that.  Enter Janet Buxton and Dana Urso – my lifelines and phone a friends ever since. God has never failed to put amazing disciples in my life. 

Professionally, I’m a former English Teacher and HR Generalist. Currently I’m assisting the church in HR areas, and I’m grateful to the Board for allowing me to serve in this way. I’ve changed directions and am now working for the Butler County Community Action Agency, SELF.  I’ll be assisting those folks who need a hand up to achieve employment and stability.  I love it, and I’m learning so much about communicating and assisting those in situational or generational poverty. 

Donna Johnson

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I attended the University of Cincinnati and majored in Fashion Design. I was met my freshman year and was baptized into Christ February 24,1979. I was blessed to be able to CO-OP in Chicago before the church there was planted. I was able to connect with a small group of disciples that eventually planted the church the following year. I graduated from DAAP with a Bachelor of Science in design. After working for several major retail companies in various roles I became a buyer and moved into Procurement. In my role as a buyer, I have overseen the bid process for goods and services, managed vendor relationships and programs and negotiated contracts, pricing agreements and terms of service.  I am currently working for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a buyer working with research teams to procure goods and services for various research, experiments, and programs. I’ve also served as treasurer on the board of my former condo association. I’ve had the pleasure of serving in many various ways over the years with HOPE, leading smalls groups, the worship team and currently in the Edge ministry. Currently I'm serving as Secretary for the board and love the opportunity to give back to the Church. I love God's kingdom and I’m honored and humbled to serve in any capacity that God sees fit. I’ve seen a lot over the years and have experienced many challenges in the Kingdom and learned a great deal in navigating spiritual, personal, kingdom issues with, grace, love and the power of God. I will always seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness wherever he directs me. To God be all the glory!  

William Montgomery

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. After high school I served in the United States Army.  After basic training I was trained in mobile field communications at Ft. Gordon, GA. I have done almost three years of field communications in Germany. Afterwards I worked one year in emergency operations in Ft. Riley, KS

I was baptized during my last year of the military in January 21,1988.I went to the ACA College of Design and received my Associate Degree in 1991. I married my sweetheart Delores in May 22, 1993. God blessed us with two children, Savannah and Isaiah. My wife and I have had many roles in the church. We are currently zone leaders of the group of marrieds and single moms. We have served in many different roles such as helpers of HOPE, giving input with hiring new staff, leading Bible talks and currently helping our young marrieds as facilitators.

I currently work at the United States Postal Service. My current position is Lead Sales and Service Associate at the Oakley Post Office. My job requires that I keep the post office running smoothly and assist with staff and deal with complaints and issues in the post office.

I hope that my over 30 years of service to God and over 25 years of experience at my current position will help serve this church and the board. More importantly that I bring a renewed mindset as well as a “Seek God first” perspective.To God be the Glory!

Taylor Suggs

The brothers and sisters of the Cincinnati Church of Christ have nurtured and raised me since my family moved here in 1999. Finding ways to give back to the church that has given so much to me is one of my main focuses in my life.  

I was raised as a Kingdom Kid, and when I was 10 years old, my family left the Cincinnati Church of Christ to join a house church. When I was 15, after being inspired to become a Christian by a mentor from another church, I studied the Bible and was baptized by my dad at the Clifton Church of Christ where my dad had been a part of the Campus Ministry back in the 70’s and 80’s. I continued my journey of Faith by visiting and being a part of many different churches and ministries over the next few years, but nothing felt right. 

I graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and decided I wanted to find a church I could call home. I quickly found that this church was where God laid on my heart to become a part of, and I haven’t looked back. 

I’ve gained a wide range of business and leadership experience through my time in the workforce and from different serving opportunities within the church. God has blessed my efforts in my professional career, where I became a Head Golf Professional at a local golf course in 2022, managing a staff of over 45 employees. 

I would be honored and humbled to serve the church in this way, with a focus on elevating and fighting for the voices of those that feel unheard. Thank you for your consideration!