9:00am            Registration Open

10-11:30          Small Group Leaders Workshop (for all small group leaders in all ministries)

* Supervision provided for ages 6 months through teens for parents attending SGLW

11:30-1:00       Lunch Break


1:00pm            OPENING SESSION - “One Thing” Luke 10                                              ED ANTON

2:30-3:00         Break

3:00-3:45         Class Session 1            (see class list on back)

3:45-4:15         Break

4:15-5:00         Class Session 2            (see class list on back)

5:30-7:00         CLOSING SESSION - “Simple is Clear But Not Easy” Mt 6                      ED ANTON



8:00-10:00pm  Middle School Party

8:00-10:00pm  Teen Party

8:00-11:00pm  After Party for Singles



8:30-9:30am    Optional Round Table Discussions for Women

                                    Adoption led by Jayne West

                                    Infertility led by Mindi Kirklin

                                    Grief and Loss led by Tricia Shanks

8:30-9:30am    Interest Meeting for Bowling Green 2018 Mission Team led by Brian Perkins


10am-Noon     SUNDAY WORSHIP  “Simple Gospel”  Acts 2                                          ED ANTON

                        Childcare provided during Sunday Worship for ages 6 months to Pre-K.

                        All other children will accompany their parents to the worship service.



Three rooms will be provided and equipped with age appropriate activities for parents to take their children to enjoy time with other parents and children.  Please note:  these rooms are not staffed, they are simply a safe and fun place to be enjoyed by young children and a parent (or other adult of at least 18 years of age, chosen by the parent).  Each adult may oversee up to three children in one of the following rooms:

Infants-2 years old       3 years old - 1st Grade             2nd-5th Grade



Masterpiece Catering will provide a Concessions Stand from 10:00am to 8:30pm on Saturday.  Delicious food may be purchased and consumed anywhere in the NKYCC building.  During the lunch break, the first floor Exhibition Hall will have open seating to enjoy Masterpiece Catering purchased food.

In addition, there are many area restaurants.


OTHER:          IPI Book Table, 2018 Summer Camp Table, Campus Displays


CLASS SESSION 1  3:00-3:45pm

Class Title                                          Suggested Audience              Teachers                                

Simple Life                                         Middle School                        Doug & Erica Geyer

Simple Focus                                       Teens                                       Corrie & Stefanie McClary

Simple Dreams                                    Campus                                   Brody & Brooke Snell

Simple Parenting                                 Parents                                    Bill & Sandie Hulteen

Simple Prayer                                      ALL                                        Rich & Amanda Bartoli

Simple Risk                                         Singles, Young Pros                Philip & Christy Elliott

Simple Truth - Apologetics                 ALL                                        Brian & Shann Perkins



CLASS SESSION 2  4:15-5:00pm

Class Title                                          Suggested Audience              Teachers                                

Simply Awesome                                Middle School                        Ryan & Karin Painter

Simple Love - Today’s Issues             ALL                                        Sean & Mindi Kirklin

Simple Priorities                                  Teen, Campus, YoPro             Michael & Angela DeAquino

Simple Purpose                                   ALL                                        Rob & Shanika Cochran

Simple Roles                                       Marrieds                                  Doug & Jennifer Lambert

Simple Promise                                   Over 40                                   Keith & Jayne West

Simple Joy                                           ALL                                        Layi & Monica Okesola,

                                                                                                            Tino & Juanita Seya